We at Step by Step have been leading the country when it comes to promoting organ and tissue donations
and we are proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary, We have successfully completed 4 high profile
campaigns throughout Canada and one in Europe.

  • In 1997, our founder liver recipient George Marcello walked from Toronto to Ottawa.
  • In 1999, George walked around the province of Ontario and inspired Premier Harris to allocate 120 million dollars towards this issue.
  • In 2000, George walked 12,000 km in a 769 day walk across Canada and inspired Canadian Government to allocate 20 million dollars and later on, he inspired an audience with Pope John Paul II to support organ donations.
  • In 2004, under Step By Step George accompanied 14 year Kristopher Knowles, who needed a liver transplant across a 200 city tour across Canada. This was called Kristophers Wish.
  • In 2005, under Step By Step George organized a 5 country European Tour. Since these countries led the world in organ and tissue donations, George met and gathered important information from Health Officials across Europe. During the end of this tour in France, George was stricken with Thrombosis and needed another liver transplant.
  • In mid summer 2005, George received his 2nd liver transplant in Toronto on his 50th birthday. 13 days later he held a Press Conference at Queens Park and urged the Provincial and Canadian Governments to make organ and tissue donations a priority.
  •  In 2005-2006, George went on to conduct over a dozen Press Conferences, regarding the Opt Out System, Donations after Cardiac Deaths, Expense Compensation for Live Donors, and Funds for Foreign Surgeries.
  • In 2006, George once again walked from Toronto to Ottawa for a mother of 2 who needed a liver transplant. In total George completed 15,000 km.


In the past 10 years,

  • We gathered information from people in over 500 communities across Canada and conducted over 1000 consultations. Canadian thoughts and feelings about organ and tissue donations were evaluated.

  • We inspired over 4,000 media stories about organ and tissues donations.

  • We created over 4,000 activities in communities that reached diverse Multilingual, Cultural and Social audiences. This included schools, churches, festivals, malls, etc…

  • We reached all 3 levels of Government and inspired over 1000 officials. We lobbied for improvements and debates.

  • Over 1,000,000 people touched our famous Torch of Life and received donor cards.

  • We publicly urged non heart beating donations.

  • We publicly urged expense funds for stranger live donors.

  • We created the Celebrity Donor Campaign.

  • We urged debate for the opt out system.

  • We created the Opt Out Simulation at Queens University in Kingston.

  • We woke up Ontario.

  • We woke up Canada.

  • We woke up the world.


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