June 20, 2000 – August 9, 2002

2000 Feb - The Premier’s Advisory Board on  Organ and Tissue Donation finished it’s selection of members for this new agency. Step By Step was officially and publicly declared by the Ontario Government as the reason this agency was created.  Nobody from Step By Step was invited to be a member of this new agency. After many attempts of inquiring for reasons why Step By Step was invited as members, there was never any explanations given up to today. Neither were any of our sound recommendation accepted. We had relentlessly pursed this over the following years. Step By Step had acknowledged that a great injustice had occurred, however we persisted in our quest to launch the Canada Walk.

2000 Apr - Step By Step invited every major group in Canada that was involved with organ awareness  to a consolidation meeting. The theme of this meeting was “Together we can”

May 24, 2000 - Step by Step launched it’s pre kickoff at Hard Rock Café in the Skydome and introduced the Torch of Life donated by Aspire Marketing.

June 20 2000 Toronto Canada - Step By Step launched the Canada 769 Day Walk. We started at Danforth Collegiate Technical Institute that morning and made our way to Queen’s Park. After getting blessed by Ontario Parliament we made our way to Toronto City Hall. It was here that the Torch of Life was officially lit by Mayor Mel Davis. He then passed the Torch to a Donor family member who then passed it onto a person waiting for an organ transplant. That day Step By Step had a mere $6000.00 in the budget. We organized 500 communities and over 100,000 individuals to participate in over 4,000 events. In every community we coordinated activities with the media, members from all 3 levels o9f government, schools, churches, malls, festivals, service clubs, cultural groups, sports events, army - police - firefighters - and ambulance forces. We invited people from all walks of life and different agencies and organizations. We conducted over 1000 press conferences and consultations. Discussions, debates, and workshops became a daily activity. We had no permanent road team. We had to recruit road team members 27 times during this campaign. I suffered physically with e-coli, influenza, infections, and something new hypothermia. I was stalked by a cougar and came face to face with a black bear. Dogs would chase me once a week. I felt the roar of many transport trucks in 9 different seasons on many roads and highways. I wanted to give up 113 times. On the road we would beg for food and shelter. We distributed hundreds of thousands of donor cards. We met and inspired health officials in each province. Our goal was to wake up Canada.

2001 Apr Edmonton - Federal Health Minister Alan Rock acknowledges Step by Step and I, for waking up Canada about organ donations and allocates 20 million dollars.

September 5 2001 Vatican City - As I was walking in Alberta towards the British Columbia border, my cell phone rang. It was a call from Vatican City verifying my attendance to have an audience with Pope John Paul II. At first, I thought it was my friend Billy Adie pulling a prank. Next thing I know I am in front of the Pope. We organized this event so that 2 things would happen. The first, the Pope would bless the Torch of Life. The second, that the Pope would support organ donations, which he did in a big way. He proclaimed on behalf of the Vatican, that organ and tissue donation was a Genuine Act Of Love and encouraged the entire world to become organ donors. We woke up the world.

January 24 2002 -  On Day 583,  while I was walking through my second winter in Matane Quebec, I received a devastating call. My dad passed away. I flew back to Toronto and mourned with my family and friends. I returned back on the campaign 3 days later to complete this walk. My dad would be proud.

August 9, 2002 Toronto - I arrived where I began, in Toronto. After 12,000 kilometers or 30 million steps, my final step was at Sunnyside Café. When I arrived in Toronto, I passed the Torch to a liver recipient who received his new organ 3 months ago, he then passed the torch to a 14 year old boy who needed a liver transplant. His name was Kristopher Knowles. Hence the 4th Campaign was born.


Elaine Barry from Quesnel B.C. was one of our most avid supporters. Along with Ms Barry we also had great support from; 500 Municipalities, Hep C Society, Source For Sports, Jennifer Wilson, Prov. & Fed. Organ & Tissue Agencies,  Bill & Margie, Joseph and Kim Ciancio, Knowles Family, Motorhome Vacations, Kurt Walsh & Chatham friends,  Sean & Dave, Shawn Hamilton, Ralph Giuliano & Family, David Wrightsmith, Tia Toni Wilson, Barbara J. Morrell,  Rene Chabot, Fox & Ruth Morin (Nechi), Blagojevic Family, Quebec Clarica, Degrace Family, Don Clark & Family, Al Palladini’s, Alistair Stark, Caragianakos Family, Alex B., Billy Adie, Bobbie Holowenko, Lyndsay Goldman



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