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April 14 2010 to Feb 17 2011


Latest Fundraising Project
Scrapping for Step By Step
In an effort to raise much needed funds to launch Step By Step's 8th Campaign SOS THE WORLD, we need help. One of the projects we have on the go is collecting used items/scrap for Step By Step. We have volunteers picking up the products. We are establishing outlets to recieve the products. 100% of the funds go to Step By Step. Note; if people want to simply donate to Step By Step they can 
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Utility Force Inc
utility_force_1.jpg  utility_force_2.jpg Student will relay the Torch throughout almost 200 Countries
Finish: Washington DC September 5 2014
We are dedicated to promote organ & tissue donations and hopefully save lives by;
Empowering Students to carry the Torch Of Life & bring Genuine love to the world
The goal; Inspire half the world population to become organ & tissue donors
Reaching members from all Faiths & Cultures to address this issue


April 14 2010 PRE KICK OFF EVENT
Washington DC


At 10:00 am on April 14, 2010, area students from DC Preparatory School, Archbishop Carroll, and St. Anselm’s Abbey convened at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center to become ‘ambassadors’ to advance the cause of the selfless act of becoming a tissue and organ donor.  The ambassadors, more familiarly known as Student Torch Champions, participated in a brief program and lighting ceremony before being cheered on their way to the Capitol, escorted by parents, friends, school staff, and members of the DC Metropolitan Police Department.  George Marcello, a donor recipient, and CEO of Step by Step, chose the Cultural Center for the launch of the Washington DC trek because of the pivotal role our late pontiff, Pope John Paul II, had in contributing to the enduring quality and validity of the Torch of Life.  On September 5, 2001, in Vatican City, Pope John Paul II blessed the Torch and said that organ and tissue donations are a genuine act of love.  The Pope told George to pass the Torch to the youth who will become young ambassadors for this very important issue; faithfully George has done this, passing the Torch to millions of children in nearly a decade.  Step by Step is a charity that empowers students to pass on the Torch of Life to promote lifesaving organ and tissue donations, helping to bring about ‘genuine’ love and peace throughout the world---a goal very much at the heart of the Cultural Center’s mission

Mom wish to be organ donor gets mishandled 

April 28 @ 12:00
Video -In memory of Mrs Dorothy Neal
Press Release
Sue Frost's Story

June 30 2010

Bruce Cuthbert desperately needs Liver 647-880-0373
To become live liver donor visit


From Bruce Cuthbert’s kids Blair 17, & Marla 19

My sister and I are here are asking for a gift. We are asking for the greatest gift of all that has nothing to do with money or luxury. We are asking for the gift of life. Our father has been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and therefore needs a new one. For 2 years now our dad has been battling this sickness and it’s getting worse and worse. Even though he knows he is dying, he is doing his best to stay positive. I bet if you asked him, he wouldn’t even be able to count how many times the doctors have told him he has 5 months, 2 months, a couple weeks, or a few days. He has always been the kind of guy that makes everyone laugh and he is fun to be around, he is trying to maintain that but as time goes on it gets more difficult to stay positive when there is no way of getting a liver anytime soon. In the past month and a half alone he has had to be taken to the hospital four times by an ambulance due to being confused and incoherent. My sister and I have both had to watch him go through this and have called the ambulance for him multiple times. Our fathers blood type is B, which means he needs a live donor that has a B or O blood type. I’m not only asking you for the sake of our dad, but for the sake of every other Canadian in need of an organ weather it’s a liver or a heart. There are thousands of Canadians in dyer need of organs all over the country. These people have families, wives and children that are also feeling the impact of what is happening to one of there loved ones. On June 30, we will be carrying the famous Torch Of Life with some friends, from Richmond Hill to Queens Park.  So, please help our dad and all the other Canadians in need of the gift of life. Be the person that makes a difference and save a life.
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October 15 2010 @ 7:30 pm
Toronto Mayorial Candidates
Oakwood Collegiate Institute (Oakwood & St.Clair, Toronto Canada) 

        condidate_debate_2010_005.jpg mayoral_candidates.jpg   councillors_ward_17.jpg
George Smitherman, Rob Ford &  Joe Pantalone   Ward 17 Candidates

SOS THE WORLD Launch Day in Aurora Dec 9 2010
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